Friday, August 3, 2007

We made it!

Well, we made it to California on Wednesday afternoon, FINALLY! And it sure has been busy. Wednesday afternoon I had a job interview already about 4 hours after we got here, and then a phone interview on Thursday. Wednesday night we found an amazing Target and filled up 2 carts and spent a zillion dollars.
It was 2 stories with a cart escalator and although it wasn't a Super Target, it had a full huge grocery section, fresh meat and produce. And its only 4 miles away. Awesome.

Thursday was perhaps the most annoying day yet. We went to the DMV to get new liscences and register Doug's car (the Beetle isn't here yet) and spent 4 hours there. We stood in line forever to get our liscences then we had to drive the car through an inspection line and wait in line AGAIN to register to the car. We got our liscences, did the inspection, and then finally got back up to the window to register the car only to find out we couldn't do it because we don't have the title, because its a lease! Aaahhhhhh!!! And we later found out that we couldn't have done it anyway even if we had the title because we hadn't had the car smogged yet(?!?!) which is apparently a test you have to have done every other year that costs like at least 30 dollars. Nice. So after VW sends us some official paperwork we get to back to the DMV. After that nonsense we went to get eye exams and spent 2 hours there because everyone was so slow.

Today I found out that since our building is so new I have to go to the post office to pick up our mail for a little while. And no one is sure for how long. Super.

So, tomorrow morning the movers are coming finally (thank god, I am desperate for furniture) and on Tuesday and Wednesday I have more interviews. Hey at least I'm not bored.

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