Wednesday, August 15, 2007

California Drivers

I just want to start by saying that if you don't want me lumping all California drivers into one category, which is "awful", then stop perpetuating the stereotype people! Seriously!
Ok - here's my pet peeves about California drivers.

- The Horn. Stop, please stop overusing your horn! You do not have to honk because I have not had time to move my foot from brake to gas. You do not have to honk because I am not running over the pedestrians in the crosswalk. You do not have to constantly be laying on your horn for what seems like just because. Horns should be disabled here - problem solved.

- The Motorcycles. Listen, guys, its great that you where helmets, unlike in Minnesota, however, a helmet does not give you the right to weave in and out of traffic like your a stunt man. If I kill you because YOU jumped out in front of ME, it will somehow still be my fault, so knock it off. And all the weaving is just clogging up traffic more anyways because you will eventually have to get back into a lane, especially on the Bridge - you have no where else to go!

While I could go on for hours about other things, like being cut off oh every four seconds, its worth mentioning that I got my California drivers licencse today. (Most horrible pic ever by the way - its no secret that I was not happy there!)

Does this mean I need to drive like a maniac now?!

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Diane said...

You write very well.