Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My new pet peeve

is people talking obnoxiously on their cell phones while on public transportation. Or while waiting for public transportation. Or while you're anywhere where I don't have a choice about being near you and I can't get away. And what's worse, is when you hang up and then immediately call someone else!

I hope your ghetto phone gives you cancer.

Thank god BART goes underground.

Dear Stef:

We need to have a talk. You walk at least 2 miles a day now between going to and from work and going out at lunch. You can not wear heels there. We beg you - wear flats and bring your heels! We are in serious trouble if you don't.

Your Feet

PS. Wedges are considered heels. Seriously.

Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day of Work

So today I finally started my new job as a CSR at a prep house downtown. The afternoon was good because the girl I worked with was cool and good at her job so that was good. The I went to lunch (at 1! So late here!) and ate here:

You can't really argue with that. So the morning was good, but then it was all downhill after lunch. The girl I was working with in the AM leaves at 2, so I spent an hour with my boss doing nothing, the spent the rest of the afternoon with another CSR doing even less.

And I found out that I will probably share a computer / work space with the night shift CSR. Even though all the other CSR's have their own spaces and don't have to share. And I didn't even get this set up today.

And that computer is an eMac, even though all the other CSR's have iMacs.


On the plus side I walk about 2/3 mile to and from the Bart station twice a day so I'll be skinny.

Joe Dimaggio has a restaurant

Last night we had a little pre-work celebration so me Doug and R went to Joe Dimaggio's Italian Chophouse. I was skeptical at first, but it was AMAZING. Hands down, it was the best dinner I have had in a long time, maybe even ever.

We started with an appetizer of baked comozola (?) cheese that you spread onto like a grilled flat bread, then you spread a tomato pastey thing on that and then you spread roasted garlic on the top. I literally could have eaten it for days.

Next were salads and I has a caprese salad with heirloom tomatoes and balsamic - awesome.

For the main course I had scampi - always great, and Doug had a ginormous 22oz ribeye with a pile of potatoes au gratin. Always great! And R had Skate. (hmmm, I'm still skepitcal about eating sting ray.)

Desserts were the best chocolate souffle ever, the best cobbler ever may with blackberries, strawberries, and nectarines, and some donuty goodness that Doug had.

Seriously, eat there.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Discovery

We started watching season 1 of Jericho online the other day, since there is nothing on tv and to see what all the hub-bub (?!) is about. We are officially hooked.

It's amazing. Watch it.

I *heart* Dirt.

Jonathan Antin's hair product called Dirt, that is. It has changed my life. I am a new woman.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pics of the New Place (Again)

Same shizz, different city...


Living Room


Guest Bath

Guest Bedroom

Master Bathroom
Master Bedroom

Awesome Closet

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Football Sucks

So we decided to go to Petsmart today to get Bella some dog food. Since she is on prescription food it has to be a Petsmart with a vet in it. Ok, 12 miles away as opposed to 4, no big deal right? Wrong.

It took us 1 hr and 15 min to get home on the expressway. For only 10 miles. On a Saturday afternoon.

Turns out the SF 49ers are playing the Oakland Raiders tonight. Awesome.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Tired Puppy

Is this supposed to be comfortable?!

Worst Papercut Ever!

It's right under my eye, like the part that's dark when your tired. Really painful and unattractive. Double awesome.

Note to self, move heavy folders when pulling things off of a high shelf...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My New Love


Seriously amazing!

California Drivers

I just want to start by saying that if you don't want me lumping all California drivers into one category, which is "awful", then stop perpetuating the stereotype people! Seriously!
Ok - here's my pet peeves about California drivers.

- The Horn. Stop, please stop overusing your horn! You do not have to honk because I have not had time to move my foot from brake to gas. You do not have to honk because I am not running over the pedestrians in the crosswalk. You do not have to constantly be laying on your horn for what seems like just because. Horns should be disabled here - problem solved.

- The Motorcycles. Listen, guys, its great that you where helmets, unlike in Minnesota, however, a helmet does not give you the right to weave in and out of traffic like your a stunt man. If I kill you because YOU jumped out in front of ME, it will somehow still be my fault, so knock it off. And all the weaving is just clogging up traffic more anyways because you will eventually have to get back into a lane, especially on the Bridge - you have no where else to go!

While I could go on for hours about other things, like being cut off oh every four seconds, its worth mentioning that I got my California drivers licencse today. (Most horrible pic ever by the way - its no secret that I was not happy there!)

Does this mean I need to drive like a maniac now?!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm so old!

Really, 25! Geez. So for my birthday tonight we went to Foreign Cinema for dinner and it was amazing. We ate in the courtyard, though it was too early for the movie to be playing (we were there until 8!) and it was great outside. And before dinner we went shopping in Union Square were I got a pink case for my iPhone and the cutest Steve Madden shoes (plaid peep toe with purple trim - delicious!)
All in all a great birthday!

I *heart* skinny jeans.

Seriously, I do. I discovered them around last Christmas or so and have been wearing them ever since. Here's the thing though, in Minnesota people did not get the skinny jeans. I almost never saw anyone wearing them and people didn't get it when I wore them. Here however, the skinny jean is out in full force and EVERYONE wears them.

It's so hard being accidentally fashionable...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Adventures in Driving

Today I drove downtown twice all by myself for interviews. The first time was in the outer part of the city so that wasn't bad but the second interview was located right inbetween China Town and The Embarcadero. That was nightmarish! People everywhere, crazy hills, and the whole nine yards. Nice location but I'd really prefer to never DRIVE there again.
Then for dinner we met Rod in the Mission for Peruvian which was amazing! (Who even knows what Peruvian food is?!) Its nice to have someone in town who we already know.

It is not, however, nice to pay $12 dollars in tolls in one day. Meh! No driving tomorrow though, just unpacking (still.)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Moving Sucks

Well, the car and all of our stuff finally got here on Saturday. The place is a disaster with stuff everywhere still. I'm really disappointed with the movers. When you move across the country local movers pick up your stuff and take it to a warehouse where it is transferred to a big semi with a couple other peoples loads and a driver brings it and contracts out local movers to unload it. Our stuff is all scratched and a bunch of furniture that left in one piece was taken apart and not put back together and theres a few broken things. I probably would not use these movers again, that's for sure. But, at least its all here.

Now I just have to unpack it.

The Beetle came on one of those trucks with all the cars stacked up and it was a full load that leaft MN and they are all coming to the Bay Area. Thats pretty strange I think.

Oh little fact here - on the west coast all the tv channel letters have a p after them for pacific, like CBSP or ABCP instead of CBS or ABC. What that means is Tivo was really confused and couldn't translate all my saved shows so I had to redo them all! Who knew...

Second interview tomorrow and 2 other new interviews on Wed. Job hunting sucks so please offer me a job!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Bella's Favorite Spot

How can I lay down and look out the window all at once?


Trader Joes has chocolate dipped frozen bananas. I want to eat the whole box!

We made it!

Well, we made it to California on Wednesday afternoon, FINALLY! And it sure has been busy. Wednesday afternoon I had a job interview already about 4 hours after we got here, and then a phone interview on Thursday. Wednesday night we found an amazing Target and filled up 2 carts and spent a zillion dollars.
It was 2 stories with a cart escalator and although it wasn't a Super Target, it had a full huge grocery section, fresh meat and produce. And its only 4 miles away. Awesome.

Thursday was perhaps the most annoying day yet. We went to the DMV to get new liscences and register Doug's car (the Beetle isn't here yet) and spent 4 hours there. We stood in line forever to get our liscences then we had to drive the car through an inspection line and wait in line AGAIN to register to the car. We got our liscences, did the inspection, and then finally got back up to the window to register the car only to find out we couldn't do it because we don't have the title, because its a lease! Aaahhhhhh!!! And we later found out that we couldn't have done it anyway even if we had the title because we hadn't had the car smogged yet(?!?!) which is apparently a test you have to have done every other year that costs like at least 30 dollars. Nice. So after VW sends us some official paperwork we get to back to the DMV. After that nonsense we went to get eye exams and spent 2 hours there because everyone was so slow.

Today I found out that since our building is so new I have to go to the post office to pick up our mail for a little while. And no one is sure for how long. Super.

So, tomorrow morning the movers are coming finally (thank god, I am desperate for furniture) and on Tuesday and Wednesday I have more interviews. Hey at least I'm not bored.