Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Spoon Master

At some point in the last week or so using a spoon really clicked with Milo and now he knows how to get it into his mouth without turning it upside down or anything. What a smarty! (Or at least I think so!)

This is probably one of those things that like no one cares about but us, and maybe the grandparents, but thats ok. Its pretty cute to watch him chase those cheerios around with his spoon!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The New Place!

Finally 2 months after moving in I've gotten around to taking pictures of the new place. Better late then never I guess.

Our street
This is the view pretty much no matter where you look walking around the neighborhood. Amazing, right?!
There is no grass in the backyard at all. I have no idea why.
Don't let this nice looking deck fool you - its treacherous! It just drops off with no railing or steps or anything on 2 sides!
"Eat & Drink" sign made out of misprinted labels and signage. I love this thing!
Downstairs half bath. Cabinets be damned! Who needs storage?
Living room (slash playroom slash office)
I love this view with the vinyl wall decal, flowers on the wall, hand-painted muslin garland on the mantel, cute pillow on the chair... etc etc etc.
Milo used to have an entire giant dining room as his playroom. Notsomuch now!
Front Entry (Shopping cart parking!)
Guest Bedroom (Milo says hi!)
Milo's room
Guest/Milo bath
Master bedroom (slash sewing room)
That white pile is Bella's dog bed, with a big comforter on top. God forbid she doesn't have the extra cushion!
Yep those are baby toys in the master bedroom (gasp!) We spend most of the couple hours between dinner and bedtime upstairs usually though and there is no more room in Milo's tiny bedroom for toys.
Master bath. This shower curtain makes me so happy every morning due to its excessive cuteness!

That's all! Its definately a lot smaller then our last place but the area is a million times better so its a small price to pay. It seems to be working just fine for us though, now that the boxes are gone... and we have a rented storage area for some of our (mostly Milo's) crap!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day Weekend

This weekend, besides being Mothers Day, was also our first weekend away from Milo. My parents came for a week ahead of time to let Milo get reacquainted with them.

We took them to Snoqualmie Falls. It was raining that day, of course.
We went to the Seattle Aquarium.
Grandpa let him do this!
After a week Doug and I went to Vegas for a weekend away. It was so much fun! We had dinner at Capital Grill the first night, thanks to a gift certificate we got from one of Doug's coworkers like a year or more ago and then we saw Iron Man 2. (Super good by the way!) The next night we had dinner at Emeril's Delmonico Steakhouse, then dessert at a Mario Batali restaurant. Seriously, it was like the best food... EVER! And then to top the evening off we saw Love, the Beatles Cirque du Soleil show - also AMAZING! We also had Bellagio breakfast buffet with unlimited Mimosa's, hung out by the pool, and did a little shopping. A great trip, but I did miss my boy like crazy and was happy to be home to hang out with him on Mother's Day!

Grandma and Grandpa obviously had to give him french fries while we were gone, which is like the ONLY food we don't give him. Thanks guys!

For Mother's Day dinner we went to Purple and of course it was more fabulous food!

The grown ups had wine flights and Milo had a flavored milk flight! Strawberry, chocolate, caramel, and regular milk. So fun!

Each glass was a sippy cup worth and he drank ALL the flavored ones. Needless to say he was flying high before dinner even came, let alone dessert!

I also got this amazing necklace from my boys, which I love!

Not a bad weekend at all!