Saturday, July 11, 2009

It runs in the family...

...nerding out that is!
Milo just loves (LOVES!) to type on the keyboard whenever he is sitting in front of the computer with us so Doug brought him home an old broken keyboard all for himself. This thing is all kinds of fun for Milo. And when we are sitting at the desk to video chat or something we put it in front of the real keyboard to keep his grubby hands off it - works like a charm!

What a difference a year can make!


Friday, July 10, 2009

7 Months Old!

Dear Milo -

You turned 7 months old today and I can barely believe it! 7 months - you are now officially closer to being a year old, a toddler, then you are to being a newborn! Crazy!

While you haven't started crawling yet, you have definately become seriously mobile. You can now zoom around while laying on your back by pushing yourself back with your legs. I am amazed at how fast you can do this, and many mornings by the time I make it into your room after you've woken up you've backed yourself into a corner in your crib. Also, when you are sitting up you can scooch around on your butt a little bit. This isn't as obvious a movement, and doesn't get you as far, but it works in a pinch when you really want a toy!
I think that everyday you fall more in love with Bella and she is quickly learning that she needs to move her face when your hands come flying if she doesn't want you near her ears and eyes! She still loves to lick you though, and you think it is hilarious most of the time. Even when you don't think its super funny it doesn't bother you - you just go about what your doing while she licks away. When we come home and Bella jumps up on my legs you love to pet the top of her head just like I do - it never fails to make you smile!
On the food front you have still been trying more and more things. This month you have tried:
  • nectarines
  • watermelon
  • prunes
  • black beans
  • quinoa
  • broccoli
  • lentils
  • white potatoes
  • cantaloupes
  • grapes (in frozen fruit bar form!)
  • eggplant (you may have had a reaction to this - we are going to try again in a couple weeks to be sure)
  • plums
  • chicken
Sometimes you get tired of me feeding you and you fight the spoon. I think this is a combination of you being tired of purrees and your teething. But until you figure out that the food you pick up needs to go to your mouth and isnt just a toy then we will have to stick mainly with purrees! You do love to share a bag of Fruit Crisps with me at lunch time and you go crazy when you see me grab a bag and open them up. I can't keep them all to myself any longer. You have pretty much mastered your sippy cup already too! You can pick it up with the handles and get the spout in your mouth. Sometimes if it isn't full you need a little help tipping it back but otherwise you have it down. You have also started to recognize your vitamins and now when the bottle comes out you bounce up and down and wave your arms in your highchair you are so excited. Its very cute!
And about teeth - we really thought you'd have one by now! I know we are so close, probably a matter of days away, to getting one so I've sure you'll have a few by next month. You are generally taking teething like a champ, although sometimes it makes you whiny during the day and can screw up your sleep at night time. But really, so far I know teething isn't as bad as it could be. We share popsicles with you sometimes when your teeth are bothering you and you love them! Forget teething biscuits or cold washcloths, popsicles are where its at for you.
Your personality is growing everyday and you are pretty easy going still if you aren't tired, although when you want (or don't want) something you have no problem making it known. I think you definitely get this from your momma!! You also have no problem showing us when you are happy and you love to smile at people and make big belly laughs, which are so cute!

We love you so much and we can't wait to see what the second half of your first year brings!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Baby Pool

Yeah - not a fan so much. Which is interesting since he liked the hotel pool when we were in MSP. I even filled it up with nice warm tap water the second time and still a no go. His swim outfit is cute at least though, right? We'll have to see how he feels about a real pool at Grandma's house next week!

Happy Birthday Bella!

This past Friday was Bella's 3rd birthday! Of course we had to celebrate by getting her some Harley gear of her own.

Leather Harley collar with rhinestones!
Harley motorcycle dog - when you press the middle it makes a motorcycle sound!
And of course she got a couple extra special treats that day - a baby carrot and one of Milo's frozen banana cubes! (Might not sound that fun - but since she can't have treats really, including that kind of food usually, it was to her!) Ahhh, the life of a pup!

Incidentally, I am now the only person left in the house without any Harley gear - the rest of them are all stylin' together!