Friday, November 25, 2011


Its been eventful since the last Insta-Friday post so I've got lots this week!

Milo likes to find the biggest cups he can to drink out of at my my mom's house. Mission accomplished, I'd say.

Freaking awesome. The end.

The drinking of milk from the cereal bowl is so cute it kills me!

Oreo cheesecake on our anniversary.  Its what our wedding cake was made of so we have it every year.

Celebrating Milo's last night out as an only child with pizza and arcade games.

And of course "Ouf-cream" to end the evening.

We're such rebels we put this up the night before my c-section. A whole week BEFORE Thanksgiving!

Adorable snuggly new baby.

Baby's first Bills game. A milestone in Buffalo.

Kickin' it old school with the gift he got from Parker at the hospital.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are definitely thankful for this crew!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Then and Now - Puppy Onesie

Milo on hospital discharge day

Parker on hospital discharge day

Welcome Parker

Parker William Cole
11/17/11 10:21am
8 lbs 0 oz, 21" 

The Story:

We had a scheduled c-section this time so it was much different then last time. We checked in at the hospital at 7:30am, had some monitoring and got prepped for surgery.  We went into the OR at about 9:45am, I got a spinal, and Parker was out by 10:21am.  It was all very chill and afterwards I was not nearly as groggy or out of it as the first time.  In fact, I was eating a donut by 11:30am.

Parker was able to come right into recovery with me and he nursed right away like a pro whose been doing it forever.  Seriously, the kid is a champion breastfeeder.  Nor coercing needed, he just does it and does it well. 

We had nothing exciting happen in the hospital and they let us out a day early.  The surgery was on Thursday, we were discharged on Saturday afternoon. And really, with the nasty food, pay tv, and the parade of nursing students in my room, we were ready to go!

Things have been going good at home.  Parker is a super chill baby so far.  He pretty much only cries when he wants to eat and he usually goes pretty much right back to sleep after eating at night.  Milo seems to like him so far.  He tried to share a cookie with him in the hospital (and he NEVER wants to share cookies!) and likes to show him the games he is playing on our phones.  He also likes to talk about what he's doing and will stand on a chair to be able to "help" change his diaper. He's a great big brother and I think they are going to get along just fine!

Monday, November 14, 2011

39 Weeks

Comically large, but definitely not as sausage-y. So I guess we'll call that a win. Thank god this baby comes out on Thursday!

Friday, November 4, 2011

38 Weeks

1. The belly is much rounder this time. It definitely does not look like I've dropped yet compared to last time.

2. Valuable lessons learned the second pregnancy - never allow yourself to be photographed in head to toe blue velour. (Not that I'm not wearing the velour this time... just keeping it off the internet!)


Candy giver-outers on Halloween

New coffee maker! Had a Tassimo for years and it never failed - in fact we sold it when we switched. Then we "upgraded" to Keurig and it died an untimely death.  Over you, poorly made Keurig - I'm a Tassimo woman again!

Drinking from Red Cup and browsing Christmas decorations... 3 weeks before Thanksgiving and not ashamed of it!

The boys trying to get rid of the leaves from the TWELVE TREES in our backyard.  Overkill on the trees?  YES.

Playing with Uncle Tommy's old cars that Grandma found in the attic!

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