Friday, October 19, 2012

11 Months Old

Dear Parker,

I can't believe your birthday is next month already! You are becoming such a big boy.  On the day you turned 11 months old old you took like 2 or 3 steps. Of course, you then promptly looked at me with shock (or panic?) on you face and plopped down.  Its only a (short) matter of time before you'll be chasing your brother around, I'm sure of that.

You aren't as big as your brother was at this age and (shockingly) aren't gaining weight very fast but you still are developing a more toddler look to you.
You still love to eat everything in sight and are eating (a lot of) baby food still.  When it comes to solids your favorites are meatballs and chicken nuggets.  Even though you eat any kind of pureed veggies you are just not on board with solid food veggies yet though.  I guess you are just a meat guy!

You love to play with your brother all the time but it is funny how differently you guys play. Where Milo is never really destructive, and never has been, you love to pull every. single. toy. out of the toy bins. Every. Single. Day! You love Bella when she licks you and you like to play with her tags but really don't try to play much with her. Mostly you love to steal her toys!
One more month until your birthday, big boy!