Monday, July 30, 2007

Road Trip - Day 3

So, yesterday was all Nebraska - so boring! Today was Wyoming - boring AND crazy. So here's our little adventure of today... We leave the hotel and go to breakfast and decide we should have enough gas to make it to lunch then we'll eat and fill up. A little after 10 we see there's about a quarter tank left so we decide to stop at the next gas station since we're about to start going up the mountains. We see a sign for a gas station and get there (and its the only anything for miles) and its abandoned! We check the Tom Tom and the next gas station on there is 85 miles away. We probably could have made it but after this abandoned place we decide not to chance it. So we turn around and go back about 20 miles in the other direction to fill up (in crazy land.) Aright so we drove an extra 40 miles - could have been worse. Well we get back on track going west and pass the abandoned place and see a sign about 50 miles past that or so for gas and think DAMN! Well, we pass that one and can see from the expressway that its abandoned too. Turns out I must have counted at least 7 or 8 abandoned gas stations today. Ha! Don't let your tank get low in Wyoming! I have a new slogan for the welcome sign: "Welcome to Wyoming! Land of abandoned gas stations!" Although, I didn't get to read that sign so who knows, maybe we were warned!

Now we are in Park City, Utah (home of Sundance Film Festival according to Doug.) The good part about Utah (and I use the word good loosely) is that it is the most scenic state yet.

Tomorrow we stop in Truckee, CA (Lake Tahoe) and then we will be in SF by Wednesday morning.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Road Trip - Day 1

Today we set off from Minnesota and are now staying in Lincoln, NE. It was about 6 and a half BORING hours (seriously, southern MN, Iowa, and Nebraska are nothing land!) The hotel we are staying in is really weird, like moist. The carpets kinda moist, paper stuff around is a little curled, its really uncomfortable.

Tomorrow its Wyoming. Thank god for Sirius' Hip Hop Nation. These are perhaps the whitest states in the country.

Bella being sad because she (seriously) hasn't figured out how to lay down in the car.

"the good life"? Really?! I beg to differ.

6 hours later Bella finally figured out how to lay down.

Finally laying down with the pink dog toy... what a rough day!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Apartment Pics

The complex sent us some pics of our new place today since we haven't actually seen inside yet...

Living Room with some super super serious windows.

Guest Bath

Kitchen with computer desk to the left (I think I'm in love.)


Cute Bella Pics

New shirt from Grandma S. Enough said.Guarding the shower while Daddy's in it.
In bed watching Mommy get ready.

Josh's Wedding

Well we went home this past weekend for my cousin Josh's wedding and it was a success. The bride was gorgeous, the food was good, and my mom fell flat on her ass on the dance floor (and she was the DD). I always say it's not a party until my mom shows her ass. I guess if I'm picking on my mom though, I should point out my embarrassing moments...
The first appetizer I put in my mouth was a stuffed mushroom and when I tried to bite into it all the stuffing landed on my dress. Also, an entire glass of water slid out of my hand and onto the front of my dress. At least it washed out the mushroom stuffing.

Watch those hands mister, this is church.
Me and hubby.
Boys. There is only one here who I don't know, and don't think I'm related to... am I?
Family portrait. My dad thinks he's the Godfather.
Cake cutting.

Baaayngin' New Hair

This is why I will always go back to Jason in Rochester no matter how long we've been away. And this isn't even the greatest picture!

Moving Day

I am posting while 4 dudes carry my stuff around. Awesome.
However 3 of them only speak Spanish so I look stupid trying to talk to them.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Last day of work

Last day and I am waiting out the last hour until my meeting and then I am out of here. This morning during my meeting everyone gave me a copy of Dr. Suess' "Oh the Places You'll Go" that they all signed. I was standing there with my back to everyone yapping away and turn around and everyone had shown up (which never happens) to give me the book. It was very sweet.
At lunch I went with A to get a manicure and stuff myself full of Chipotle so that was fun also. I am so going to miss her! I got a french and then the girl put a little crystal under the white on each of my ring fingers. I was skeptical at first, but its so cute!
I kept saying I was not going to flake out until after the afternoon meeting and I am regretting that now because I don't even have anything to keep my busy! Oh well, the longer I'm here the less time I spend packing tonight...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bye Bye Beetle

Well the shipping company picked up the Beetle yesterday and it's on it's way to California as we speak! That means the clock is ticking and I need to get packing. Seriously. I'll try not to got distracted by CSI reruns tonight like last night and maybe that will actually happen.

So as far as the job front is concerned I got a call from a Litho printer and they want to me call them to schedule an interview once we get into town. There is also a lady at Medtronic that I have been exchanging emails with who is friends with someone Doug works with and I think I will call her today. I'm trying to plan the phone call for their lunchtime so hopefully I can just leave a voicemail! Ha ha. I've been applying for jobs every night though so I'm sure something is going to come up, its just annoying waiting around. Oh well.

Tomorrow is my last day of work and it is getting really hard to care. About anything here. At all. But that means only 2 more days until my haircut with Jason... and seeing everyone and that other stuff. But the haircut, oh I can't wait!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Lamest Weekend Ever

Seriously. We packed ALL DAY Saturday and Sunday. But, that does mean that the office is done, the bedroom is done as much as it can be for now, and the kitchen is about 70% packed as well. I will also say that eating the same things over and over again to try to use up what we have in the freezer is getting a little old. No more steaks please!!

This is what Doug and Bella did this weekend:

Next week I'm going to go to the AHS and donate Bella's old food that she can't eat anymore and her crate we used to bring her home in for Christmas because she is such a big old monster now. I also have to go to the Goodwill or Salvation Army or something and donate some stuff that we won't be bringing with us instead of throwing it away. Moving is so fun (yeah right.)

3 days of work left, and 11 days until we are on our way to California.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The light at the end of the tunnel...

Well... 7 more days of work left and my motivation has tanked (believe it or not.) I'm really trying to not flake out just because it is almost over but my lunches are getting longer and my interpretation of 4:30pm has been a little creative. Oh well.

Luckily, 7 more work days also means 9 more days until we go home for Josh's wedding. I'm excited to wear my new dress, since I've worn the same dress to every event for the last 4 years. Here it is...
Now, this also means I get to have my highlights and haircut done by Jason. I swear no one will ever do my hair like he does.

It's the simple things that thrill me, ya know?

Sunday, July 8, 2007

San Francisco Highlights

Well, we accomplished our mission and found an apartment. It's in Emeryville just on the other side of the Bay Bridge. It only takes about 10 - 20 minutes to get into the city depending on traffic, its less then a mile from Doug's work, and there's a Trader Joes and a bunch of other stuff right in the neighborhood. Also, they are brand new just opening next week so we will be the first ones to live in our apartment.

After all the househunting we had some time to do some touristy things...
Lombard Street
Foggy Golden Gate Bridge
The Go Car tour was so fun! It was GPS guided telling us what we were driving by.
How did I get the ejection seat?!
Art Palace (or something like that.)
Chinatown - where we had an awesome dinner!
Wicked Sunburn showing my necklace line! It turns out you can still get burned when it's 70 degrees.
Fisherman's Warf of course.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Bella's 1st Birthday

Tuesday was Bella's 1st Birthday. She can't eat a whole lot because of her pancreatitis so a doggie cake was out of the question but I did get her this healthy doggie cookie for a little treat.
Diva Cookie

Hiding behind the table - this is too good to be true!

Check me out - I'm the birthday girl!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Moving Sucks

I wasn't stressed out about this big move until just about now!
The movers are coming tomorrow during lunch to do a site survey of our place to give us a real cost estimate and let us know how long it will take our stuff to get to SF. Once we have a good estimate we will decide when we are leaving here and then I will give my notice at work - hopefully we figure that out tomorrow because I suddenly feel like I'm going to burst from my big secret!
On Wed we are going to SF until Sat to try to find a place thats available Aug 1st! It's very exciting but theres alot of places there so I hope we can narrow some things down before we leave.

Oh god the packing begins all over again!