Monday, July 30, 2007

Road Trip - Day 3

So, yesterday was all Nebraska - so boring! Today was Wyoming - boring AND crazy. So here's our little adventure of today... We leave the hotel and go to breakfast and decide we should have enough gas to make it to lunch then we'll eat and fill up. A little after 10 we see there's about a quarter tank left so we decide to stop at the next gas station since we're about to start going up the mountains. We see a sign for a gas station and get there (and its the only anything for miles) and its abandoned! We check the Tom Tom and the next gas station on there is 85 miles away. We probably could have made it but after this abandoned place we decide not to chance it. So we turn around and go back about 20 miles in the other direction to fill up (in crazy land.) Aright so we drove an extra 40 miles - could have been worse. Well we get back on track going west and pass the abandoned place and see a sign about 50 miles past that or so for gas and think DAMN! Well, we pass that one and can see from the expressway that its abandoned too. Turns out I must have counted at least 7 or 8 abandoned gas stations today. Ha! Don't let your tank get low in Wyoming! I have a new slogan for the welcome sign: "Welcome to Wyoming! Land of abandoned gas stations!" Although, I didn't get to read that sign so who knows, maybe we were warned!

Now we are in Park City, Utah (home of Sundance Film Festival according to Doug.) The good part about Utah (and I use the word good loosely) is that it is the most scenic state yet.

Tomorrow we stop in Truckee, CA (Lake Tahoe) and then we will be in SF by Wednesday morning.

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