Thursday, July 26, 2007

Josh's Wedding

Well we went home this past weekend for my cousin Josh's wedding and it was a success. The bride was gorgeous, the food was good, and my mom fell flat on her ass on the dance floor (and she was the DD). I always say it's not a party until my mom shows her ass. I guess if I'm picking on my mom though, I should point out my embarrassing moments...
The first appetizer I put in my mouth was a stuffed mushroom and when I tried to bite into it all the stuffing landed on my dress. Also, an entire glass of water slid out of my hand and onto the front of my dress. At least it washed out the mushroom stuffing.

Watch those hands mister, this is church.
Me and hubby.
Boys. There is only one here who I don't know, and don't think I'm related to... am I?
Family portrait. My dad thinks he's the Godfather.
Cake cutting.

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