Monday, February 20, 2012

3 Months Old

Dear Parker,

This picture is pretty typical of how you look nowadays - you've always got your binky in your mouth, and if you can't find that then your fist will do.  You are definitely a binky man, unlike your brother who was just a casual user until he gave them up at 5 months! It is a must-have at bedtime for you too - no other way about it.

You are getting so big - wearing some 3-6 months clothes still but transitioning into your 6-9 month stuff.  You are still in size 2 diapers, but only until this pack runs out then its onto size 3 for you. I was surprised when we tried out your exersaucer for the first time in couple weeks ago that you are tall enough for your feet to touch the bottom already!  You you do love the exersaucer and jumperoo, since they allow you to stand up.  Standing or sitting up is how you usually want to be!  You also love for your brother to play with the toys on these while you are in them and show you how they work.

You still love to lay on your tummy too, so while I bet you could roll over from belly to back, I don't think you will for a while since you just have no reason to!  You do try to get your butt up in the air when on your tummy so I wouldn't be surprised if you decide to crawl before you roll over.

You are still a very happy and chill baby.  We've gotten into a little bit of a nighttime routine so as long as we get you to sleep when you're tired you aren't really fussy in the evenings like you used to be.  In fact, I was just commenting the other day that when you do really let out and scream it can be so unnerving to me because it happens so rarely!

You are such a charmer with a big smile - I think big laughs are right around the corner! You're brother has gotten used to you and loves to sit with you or play with you and Bella loves to lay right next to where you are and I think you really love them too! I know you will have lots of fun with them as you get bigger!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Parker's Room

About time right?  I mean he is almost 3 months old already.

Its a really small room, but perfect for the nursery furniture. We did this on a serious budget but I still think it came out super cute!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Another edition of my week (or 2) in crappy cell phone pictures!

This doggy loves her boys!

Hi baby! I think I see you in that streaky, dirty mirror!

Milo's first day of drop off playgroup. 2 hours with a teacher, getting them ready for preschool.

Oh the destruction of 3 toddlers during a playdate. This isn't even all of it!

Hyacinth won at a baby shower.  Smells great and exploding out of its pot.  I'm trying really hard not to kill it before I can plant it outside!

Not napping, thats for sure.

Tough life, huh buddy?

Parker's ready for some football on Super Bowl day!

Bitty shoes to combat lost baby sock syndrome. Picked out by big brother.

3 car seats in a row one day. Ok, I see how in SOME situations a minivan MIGHT be useful.

Totally focused on Octonauts.  Its serious business.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Toddler Funny

Upon seeing my phone laying on the bed next to Bella:

"Bella, whatcha doin da momma phone?"

Funny on its own, even funnier with how he said it, so casually interested like he was really waiting for an answer from Bella about what she was doing with my phone!