Friday, February 10, 2012


Another edition of my week (or 2) in crappy cell phone pictures!

This doggy loves her boys!

Hi baby! I think I see you in that streaky, dirty mirror!

Milo's first day of drop off playgroup. 2 hours with a teacher, getting them ready for preschool.

Oh the destruction of 3 toddlers during a playdate. This isn't even all of it!

Hyacinth won at a baby shower.  Smells great and exploding out of its pot.  I'm trying really hard not to kill it before I can plant it outside!

Not napping, thats for sure.

Tough life, huh buddy?

Parker's ready for some football on Super Bowl day!

Bitty shoes to combat lost baby sock syndrome. Picked out by big brother.

3 car seats in a row one day. Ok, I see how in SOME situations a minivan MIGHT be useful.

Totally focused on Octonauts.  Its serious business.

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Holly said...

Love the doggy sleeping on the couch! So cute! :)