Sunday, March 30, 2008

Same Shizz - Different City

A month late and out of order nonetheless.... I'm lazy.

Downstairs half bath

Super cute pup

Living room

Back yard at night

Loft Office

Upstairs guest bath

Down the stairs

Up the stairs

Laundry room

Empty giant dining room


Kitchen/Living room

Biggest closet ever

Master bath - the shower has one head on each side.

Master bath vanity area

Master bedroom

Master bedroom 2
Not pictured - 3 completely empty bedrooms! Well for a few months anyways - then it will only be 2 empty rooms!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dear CBS:

We need to talk about your Jericho shenanigans... Lets recap, shall we?

First you bring back this show from the dead after the whole nut fiasco last year. (yay!)

Then you make this season only 7 episodes. (boo!)

Then you put all these commercials on saying last night was going to be the SEASON finale (double yay!) leading me to believe you were bringing this show back.

Then last night before the show out of no where the commercials say SERIES finale. (double boo!)

And it didn't even tie up as much as I would have wanted. (triple boo!)

Honestly CBS, what great hit shows are you canceling this for?! And really, if you had ever wanted it to succeed in the first place then you really should have thought twice about airing it at 10pm eastern and pacific time.

I'm angry and I don't like you. (Although, lets be honest, you've always kind of been the last fat kid to be picked for teams, so ya know, I shouldn't be suprised.)

I hate you.

I'm smart.

Me: "Uh I feel so fat from all that pizza. I better eat more black jelly beans."

WTF is wrong with me!?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who woulda thunk it?

I love black jelly beans. In fact, they may be the only reason I even like Easter (well black jelly beans and Cadbury Creme Eggs of course.) But here's the thing, eating about 347 of them, at 9am, is not a good idea.

Trust me on this one guys.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

One-handed Blog Post

Nice, huh? So yesterday morning after we went grocery shopping I managed to get my hand in hatchback when closing it. Yeah, yeah, how does that happen? I have no clue. So it obviously was really painful and bleeding and blue. Awesome. Well by about 5pm it was getting worse an the pain was spreading a bit so we decided to take a quick (ha!) trip over to Urgent Care, and 3 hours later I came home with this baby.

First the doctor looked at it and took an x-ray. Luckily it wasn't fractured. But then the torture begins. The doctors uses this cauterizing thing to BURN A HOLE IN MY FINGERNAIL to to let the blood out. He then proceeds to squeeze the blood out through that hole, all the while telling me to "Look, its coming out. Look, look, see its almost done coming out!" Ha. Jokes on him because had I looked there was a good chance he would also be cleaning up puke. So anyways, as if that wasn't enough he decided I should get a tetnus shot, just in case. After we left there we proceeded to drive around for an hour looking for an open pharmacy (which we didn't find) to fill my prescription for antibiotics to make sure it doesn't get infected. And oh yeah, its Easter today so no luck today either. Hopefully infections take holidays.

The good news it is doesn't hurt anymore (although tetnus arm hurts like a biotch tyvm!) The bad news (for Doug) is that he has to help me change this monster on my finger tonight.

The green is nice and subtle though, right?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Should we eat at Taco Bell today?

So Doug sent me an email this morning asking if I wanted to go to Taco Bell for lunch today. I told him "Ok, twist my arm why don't you?" His reply to that was "No, THIS would be twisting your arm!" with the below attachment:
Well, how am I supposed to say no after that?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Moving Sucks Part 2

We didn't have heat from when I got here on Thursday through Monday afternoon. So now I am sick. Like really sick. It was a great way to start my new job.

There are freaking boxes everywhere I don't feel up to unpacking them. Not that it matters because we have so many empty rooms with no furniture.... turns out we moved into a 4 bedroom house, not 3!

Oh and seriously, I have never had to clean so much in my life in a new place. The list for maintenance to take care of is like a mile long too.

Good times.