Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dear CBS:

We need to talk about your Jericho shenanigans... Lets recap, shall we?

First you bring back this show from the dead after the whole nut fiasco last year. (yay!)

Then you make this season only 7 episodes. (boo!)

Then you put all these commercials on saying last night was going to be the SEASON finale (double yay!) leading me to believe you were bringing this show back.

Then last night before the show out of no where the commercials say SERIES finale. (double boo!)

And it didn't even tie up as much as I would have wanted. (triple boo!)

Honestly CBS, what great hit shows are you canceling this for?! And really, if you had ever wanted it to succeed in the first place then you really should have thought twice about airing it at 10pm eastern and pacific time.

I'm angry and I don't like you. (Although, lets be honest, you've always kind of been the last fat kid to be picked for teams, so ya know, I shouldn't be suprised.)

I hate you.

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