Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Children's Museum

Last weekend we headed to the Seattle Children's Museum to get out of the house because it was a non-stop rain day. It was ok, though the area specifically for little ones Milo's age was alot smaller then the website made it seem. Its not like he couldn't enjoy the rest of it or anything but I think it was kind of over-priced for what was there. But still, the man had a good time and we tried something new.

Inside Elmo's World!
Playing in a Game Show (aka pressing whatever button he wants.)

His favorite part - the WATER stream! (Note to self: let bored Milo play in a pan of water! I think he's going to love his Sand and Water Table this Spring though, huh?)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

13 Months Old!

Now that Milo is past the first year I wasn't necessarily planning on updating every month like in the past, but the kid has learned so much this month and it really is incredible!

In the past month Milo has:
  • practically perfected walking. He's like a pro now!
  • mastered out the Snack Trap.
  • started pointing at things he wants.
  • mastered the no-handle sippy cup.
  • figured out how to suck out of a straw.
  • started coming in for kisses on his own. Sometimes over and over again! So cute!
  • started to finally show an interest in utensils (though he can't actually operate them properly he does try to do what we do.)
  • eaten his very own kids meal in restaurants (more often then I'd like to admit!)
  • gotten his first at home haircut for Doug. So short and so grown up!
My baby really is toddler now! He is such a big boy!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MY Christmas

So obviously Milo got loads of toys and books and blah blah but I got some amazing gifts this year that I just HAD to brag about share!

From the the mother-in-law and her husband:
Lacoste Watch
Juicy Charm Bracelet
From the husband:
eBook Reader
Sewing Machine
From my parents:
Dutch Oven
Kitchen Ice Cream Maker Attachment
Seriously, its almost too much awesome for one post!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This video is actually from right when we got to Buffalo - so around the 18th of December. He is cruising EVERYWHERE now.

Christmas - Rochester Style

After Christmas morning at my parents house we dashed over to Doug's mom's house for Christmas morning there. Then we did a Christmas celebration the next day with her family. And then the next day we did a Christmas celebration with his Dad and his family. It was great getting to see everyone, but oh boy was it a lot of driving since they are pretty spaced out!

The pretty tree before we blew up our chaos underneath it!

Did I mention that I shipped a giant 55lb carseat box full of stuff home and we STILL has 4 oversized suitcases?!

Grandpa playing with Milo's favorite toy he brought from Buffalo.

Totally spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa's big TV!

Doug and his cousin, at the Christmas celebration with his mom's family.


Cole Cousins

4 Generations of Cole men.

Rocking the Do Rag that goes with the Harley outfit from Nana and Poppy C.

Christmas - Buffalo Style

Grandma's 50th Birthday Party!

Hanging with Dad!

Christmas Eve party!

My super cute festive Christmas clip from True Love Found.

Nope, still not a fan of Santa!

Is there a tree behind all those presents?!

Christmas - Florida Style

After Milo's birthday and our first Christmas me, my mom, and Milo headed to Tampa to stay with my grandparents for a few days and go to Disney World!  It was gorgeous the entire time - mid eighties! Which is warm for December I'm told!  Milo really started walking like crazy while we were there, was super adaptable, and he ate like a pig all day every day! Must have been the nice weather!

At a gator park.

Snack time the way it was meant to be - outside and with no clothes!

Disney!  Zonked out but still "posing" for picture!

Mouse ears and icecream!  Is there anything better?

Riding the carousal.

Driving Great Grandma.

Loving Its a Small World!

Living the good life!

Face stuffing per usual.

Rocking our bibs at Joe's Crab Shack.

Christmas - Seattle Style

We had quite the busy holiday season (hence the Christmas blog posts in January!)  We started out with Milo's birthday on the 10th, then had Christmas in Seattle on the 11th (it was either have Christmas here 2 weeks early or 2 weeks late, and no one wants late Christmas!), then in was off to Florida on the 12th for me, Milo, and my mom to visit my grandparents, then from Florida we headed to NYS where we met up with Doug for a couple Christmases there.  Then we didn't get back to Seattle until Jan 2nd.  Seriously, I'm still exhausted!  Anyways, back to the 1st Christmas here in Seattle...

Not so interested in gifts right away!

Opening the Sand and Water Table that Nana and Poppy C. sent!

Checking out the Laugh and Learn Puppy with Mom

Bella knows there is treats in her stocking!

Testing out the new wagon with Bella that Santa brought!

Eating spaghetti like a good Italian with Grandma and Grandpa S.