Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas - Rochester Style

After Christmas morning at my parents house we dashed over to Doug's mom's house for Christmas morning there. Then we did a Christmas celebration the next day with her family. And then the next day we did a Christmas celebration with his Dad and his family. It was great getting to see everyone, but oh boy was it a lot of driving since they are pretty spaced out!

The pretty tree before we blew up our chaos underneath it!

Did I mention that I shipped a giant 55lb carseat box full of stuff home and we STILL has 4 oversized suitcases?!

Grandpa playing with Milo's favorite toy he brought from Buffalo.

Totally spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa's big TV!

Doug and his cousin, at the Christmas celebration with his mom's family.


Cole Cousins

4 Generations of Cole men.

Rocking the Do Rag that goes with the Harley outfit from Nana and Poppy C.

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BTW, it's 4 generations of Cole men.