Sunday, January 10, 2010

13 Months Old!

Now that Milo is past the first year I wasn't necessarily planning on updating every month like in the past, but the kid has learned so much this month and it really is incredible!

In the past month Milo has:
  • practically perfected walking. He's like a pro now!
  • mastered out the Snack Trap.
  • started pointing at things he wants.
  • mastered the no-handle sippy cup.
  • figured out how to suck out of a straw.
  • started coming in for kisses on his own. Sometimes over and over again! So cute!
  • started to finally show an interest in utensils (though he can't actually operate them properly he does try to do what we do.)
  • eaten his very own kids meal in restaurants (more often then I'd like to admit!)
  • gotten his first at home haircut for Doug. So short and so grown up!
My baby really is toddler now! He is such a big boy!

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