Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The 3rd time is not the charm.

Another classic bad Santa photo! I'm a mean mom though, because I love it.
And that tie? It kills me its so stinkin' cute!

Milo's Yo Gabba Gabba Party!

Since we lived in Seattle last year Milo didn't get to have a big huge 1st birthday party with all of our family and friends. So, while I'm not a big fan of the giant-invite-everyone-you-know-party for every birthday, I though Milo deserved to have his big party still!

For his 2nd birthday we did a Yo Gabba Gabba themed party. He loves Yo Gabba Gabba, and really, I don't mind them either, as far as kids shows go.

Here's a reference in case you live under a rock don't have a toddler.

The invite, from here, which I love!
We had the party in my mom's church basement since we're still living in her house, which is too small for that many people inside.

Food Table

Gifts and Drinks

Cake Table

Complete with yo gabba gabba cupcakes...

and this amazing Brobee cake my mom made.
Love it so much!

With photos of Milo from the last 2 years hanging over the cake.

The Tables

With a variety of Yo Gabba Gabba coloring pages for the kids (and adults!) to color while they hang out.

These marshmallow sticks turned out so cute and were a huge hit with the little ones! I was I could take credit from the idea, but they came from this super smart lady.

Bowls of m&ms, cheese balls, and colored goldfish on all the tables - pretty much Milo's most favorite things!

The super cute DIY banner I got from this shop.

The favors - cookies and Yo Gabba Gabba mix cds, done by Milo's Grandma and Grandpa Levitt.

Party Time!

What? You don't eat your m&ms with a spoon, like cereal?!

Its important for the birthday boy to try the cake AND the cupcakes for good measure!

Not great, but probably the best picture of the 3 of us. I made us all shirts - Doug is DJ Lance, I'm Foofa, and Milo is Brobee!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two. Years. Old.

(alternate title - When the Eff did this Happen?!)

(So last year I took a picture of him in this crown and I thought I'd do it every year for the comparison. It went over really well this year, as you can see.)

Height: 37 inches (97%)
Weight: 28 lbs 5 oz (54%)

Dear Milo,

Last Friday you turned 2. TWO YEARS OLD. Which is weird because I'm pretty sure we just celebrated your first birthday like 5 minutes ago. And you were only born like 10 minutes before that. Right?
In the last couple months you have finally started to pick up a few words. You can now say wow/whoa/ow, done, juice, night night, two (as in if someone starts counting you'll sometimes chip in on two, and you're working on three), uh oh. You still jabber all the time too, and I know the words will come on your schedule! Even though you don't have many words I know you understand when we talk to you.
You're so smart too. You like to try to say the letters and numbers when your in the bathtub with them. You're practically a genius with the phones and iPad. You love to play will all manner of cars and trucks, anything with wheels really. So of course its no surprise that your most favorite movie is Cars and you'd watch it over and over if we let you!
Because of your lack of words, and you know, your age, you definitely have your fair share of tantrums. Or maybe I should say TANTRUMS. Because, oh boy are you dramatic and so sensitive. But on the other hand you can usually turn it off and on pretty quickly and be back to all smiles and laughing in no time. It can be very trying for all of us, you included I'm sure! But you're still our sweet boy and I know the tantrums will decrease when you can tell us what you want.
You've become very picky about food. You love pancakes, oatmeal, pizza, pbj, and McDonalds chicken nuggets. Getting you to eat any vegetables and almost any fruit is impossible nowadays! I really hope you grow out of this stage soon because pbj is getting pretty old!
And perhaps the funniest thing about you lately is your absolute HATRED for wearing clothing. It started with just socks a couple months ago and now its all clothes that you full on hate. Its the middle of winter and your always running around in your diaper! But, you do love your shoes still. Any and all shoes! In a perfect world you'd only wear a diaper and shoes - so silly!
Milo, the last two years have been the happiest and most fun ever, all thanks to you. We love you so much!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Crash Course

We got a crash course in what real winter was like last week. Like clockwork, as soon as December came so did the snow! Bella was not a fan. Neither was Milo at first when the snow was really blowing, but now that its more normal he's little more into it. The true test will be when we go and play in it though. We didn't have a chance last week because his jacket was at his other Grandma's house, but if its not too cold this week we'll definitely try it out!

Yeah right mom, you want me to go where?
Thanks for snow blowing me a pathway, Grandpa!
But what about the rest of my yard?
I can totally do it!
Oh crap, I think I'm stuck!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This was pretty was the scene here all day yesterday. We ate tons of food (butternut squash bread pudding, you complete me!) and watched Cars. TWICE. Milo might have a slight obsession, no?

But thats ok, we fed that obsession by getting up at 3am and going to Target to get him a Cars big boy bedding set, a Cars car set, and Lightening McQueen slippers. You're welcome very much, Pixar.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

The man still didn't really get it this year but as long as he was double fisting the candy and being carried up to the houses he was happy. Can you blame him? That's how I'd roll if I could!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Making a case for Autumn

Living in a place with 4 real seasons definitely has its advantages!