Friday, July 20, 2012


What we've been up to the month - Instagram style!

When Milo plays shopping his cart is always filled to the brim with random crap.  Do you think he's been to Target with me once or twice?!

Its good to be the 2nd baby.  You get foods long before 1st baby was ever able to look t them!

Hooded pool towels for Grandma's pool! Because I'm craft like that.

We went to the local amusement park and it was kind of a pit compared to what I remember.  This giant overpriced slushy was the highlight of Milo's day.

Then this happened in the car afterwards so I'm calling it a win!

Fireworks on the 6th of July? Thats how we roll here this year.

Facials and manis with my mom.  I had to get the Opi's Minnie Mouse heart glitter, OBVIOUSLY.

Brought this house back out.  Hours of fun for both kids! They love playing it together!

Actually got this guy in the pool after MAJOR convincing. Obviously he loved it and we seem to have created a monster.

Perfect form, no?

We got some trees cut down.  I never realized how high they were until I saw the tree man scaling them like Spider Man.  Crazy!

Eating dinner in front of the window so as to not miss a minute of the tree cutting action, natch.

Got my baby a rocketship backpack for SCHOOL in the fall. He's in love and wants to wear it all the time.

Mini shopping carts at the grocery store are fun!

Monkey business.

"Mommy, pour my head?" Uh sure?

Big kid, pulling up. Like a boss.

life rearranged

Thursday, July 19, 2012

8 Months Old!

Dear Parker -

8 months old already - 2/3 of the way into your first year and you sure seem to be growing up so quick (as always!) And truly, you must be growing because you eat everything in sight. We call you the trash compactor because even when we think you're full, you've always got room for more food.  Even though you are totally going to eat us out of house and home, I'll take this over your brother's current pickiness any day! Honestly, I can't even pick something that might be your favorite because you eat it all!  As far as table foods you've had spaghetti and pancakes along with the usual fruits and veggies and its all been your favorite!

This month, on the day you turned 8 months old actually, you pulled up to standing all on your own!  Most babies crawl first, but not you.  Right to standing and I'm not surprised because even when you couldn't get up yourself you still loved to be standing on our laps or where ever.  But you are SO CLOSE to crawling I can all but guarantee its going to happen within the week. You get into position, rock back and forth, move your arms, move one leg, and then get stuck.  It won't be long until you get that other leg moving for sure! I fear we are going to have to baby proof much more with you then your brother once you're really moving because you want to grab everything in sight and put it in your mouth, which we are so not used to.

Earlier this month you also learned to get yourself into a sitting postion from laying down.  This is great when you are playing and fall over because you can get right up.  It is extra sad looking though when you are crying in your room and I come in and your sitting up looking at me!

You and your brother are also becoming inseparable lately.  You sometimes get a little cranky if you wake up before him from nap and he's not down for you to play with! And he never seems to get tired of playing with you either - its adorable and I love watching you guys together!

We love you so much, Parker, and can't wait to see what you're going to be up to, and in to, next month!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Bella!

Last week I mentioned to Milo that Bella's birthday was coming up and she was turning 6 this week.  So, of course, the occasion could not pass without a little celebration, because when you are 3 you can not even fathom a birthday without a party, human or dog!

So I let Milo pick out the cake and he went with pink (strawberry) with pink (vanilla) frosting. Not my favorite, but that hasn't stopped me from sneaking it for breakfast the last couple of days.  He actually really was insistant that we have the cake outside but it was really windy that day so I was able to convince him to let us stay inside.

And oh boy, he sang the loudest of all of us to Bella, and then blew out her candles like a pro.  Even if she didn't care because she was eyeing up her treat the whole time. (Clearly he is going to love his birthday this year now that he finally GETS it.)

Bella can't have people food because she is prone to pancreatitis so cake was out for her but she did get a rare treat of frozen bananas. You have never seen bananas disappear so fast.

And of course Milo picked out a toy for her, which she loves.

Happy Birthday Bella! We love you even if you are totally an old coot most times!

Happy 4th of July!