Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Bella!

Last week I mentioned to Milo that Bella's birthday was coming up and she was turning 6 this week.  So, of course, the occasion could not pass without a little celebration, because when you are 3 you can not even fathom a birthday without a party, human or dog!

So I let Milo pick out the cake and he went with pink (strawberry) with pink (vanilla) frosting. Not my favorite, but that hasn't stopped me from sneaking it for breakfast the last couple of days.  He actually really was insistant that we have the cake outside but it was really windy that day so I was able to convince him to let us stay inside.

And oh boy, he sang the loudest of all of us to Bella, and then blew out her candles like a pro.  Even if she didn't care because she was eyeing up her treat the whole time. (Clearly he is going to love his birthday this year now that he finally GETS it.)

Bella can't have people food because she is prone to pancreatitis so cake was out for her but she did get a rare treat of frozen bananas. You have never seen bananas disappear so fast.

And of course Milo picked out a toy for her, which she loves.

Happy Birthday Bella! We love you even if you are totally an old coot most times!

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