Friday, July 20, 2012


What we've been up to the month - Instagram style!

When Milo plays shopping his cart is always filled to the brim with random crap.  Do you think he's been to Target with me once or twice?!

Its good to be the 2nd baby.  You get foods long before 1st baby was ever able to look t them!

Hooded pool towels for Grandma's pool! Because I'm craft like that.

We went to the local amusement park and it was kind of a pit compared to what I remember.  This giant overpriced slushy was the highlight of Milo's day.

Then this happened in the car afterwards so I'm calling it a win!

Fireworks on the 6th of July? Thats how we roll here this year.

Facials and manis with my mom.  I had to get the Opi's Minnie Mouse heart glitter, OBVIOUSLY.

Brought this house back out.  Hours of fun for both kids! They love playing it together!

Actually got this guy in the pool after MAJOR convincing. Obviously he loved it and we seem to have created a monster.

Perfect form, no?

We got some trees cut down.  I never realized how high they were until I saw the tree man scaling them like Spider Man.  Crazy!

Eating dinner in front of the window so as to not miss a minute of the tree cutting action, natch.

Got my baby a rocketship backpack for SCHOOL in the fall. He's in love and wants to wear it all the time.

Mini shopping carts at the grocery store are fun!

Monkey business.

"Mommy, pour my head?" Uh sure?

Big kid, pulling up. Like a boss.

life rearranged