Friday, November 4, 2011


Candy giver-outers on Halloween

New coffee maker! Had a Tassimo for years and it never failed - in fact we sold it when we switched. Then we "upgraded" to Keurig and it died an untimely death.  Over you, poorly made Keurig - I'm a Tassimo woman again!

Drinking from Red Cup and browsing Christmas decorations... 3 weeks before Thanksgiving and not ashamed of it!

The boys trying to get rid of the leaves from the TWELVE TREES in our backyard.  Overkill on the trees?  YES.

Playing with Uncle Tommy's old cars that Grandma found in the attic!

Linking up with Jeannett again over at Life Rearranged.
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Kim said...

Target + Christmas + Starbucks = happy place!

Mandy said...

i'm ready for christmas too!!! i'd be right there with you in the holiday aisle with a yummy drink!