Friday, November 25, 2011


Its been eventful since the last Insta-Friday post so I've got lots this week!

Milo likes to find the biggest cups he can to drink out of at my my mom's house. Mission accomplished, I'd say.

Freaking awesome. The end.

The drinking of milk from the cereal bowl is so cute it kills me!

Oreo cheesecake on our anniversary.  Its what our wedding cake was made of so we have it every year.

Celebrating Milo's last night out as an only child with pizza and arcade games.

And of course "Ouf-cream" to end the evening.

We're such rebels we put this up the night before my c-section. A whole week BEFORE Thanksgiving!

Adorable snuggly new baby.

Baby's first Bills game. A milestone in Buffalo.

Kickin' it old school with the gift he got from Parker at the hospital.

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The Perfect Trio said...

did i read that right? cheesecake for your wedding cake? you did it right!!!!!

malory h said...

love the pics! Your kiddos are so cute! Cheesecake...looks so good. stopping by from instafriday :)