Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day of Work

So today I finally started my new job as a CSR at a prep house downtown. The afternoon was good because the girl I worked with was cool and good at her job so that was good. The I went to lunch (at 1! So late here!) and ate here:

You can't really argue with that. So the morning was good, but then it was all downhill after lunch. The girl I was working with in the AM leaves at 2, so I spent an hour with my boss doing nothing, the spent the rest of the afternoon with another CSR doing even less.

And I found out that I will probably share a computer / work space with the night shift CSR. Even though all the other CSR's have their own spaces and don't have to share. And I didn't even get this set up today.

And that computer is an eMac, even though all the other CSR's have iMacs.


On the plus side I walk about 2/3 mile to and from the Bart station twice a day so I'll be skinny.

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