Monday, August 6, 2007

Moving Sucks

Well, the car and all of our stuff finally got here on Saturday. The place is a disaster with stuff everywhere still. I'm really disappointed with the movers. When you move across the country local movers pick up your stuff and take it to a warehouse where it is transferred to a big semi with a couple other peoples loads and a driver brings it and contracts out local movers to unload it. Our stuff is all scratched and a bunch of furniture that left in one piece was taken apart and not put back together and theres a few broken things. I probably would not use these movers again, that's for sure. But, at least its all here.

Now I just have to unpack it.

The Beetle came on one of those trucks with all the cars stacked up and it was a full load that leaft MN and they are all coming to the Bay Area. Thats pretty strange I think.

Oh little fact here - on the west coast all the tv channel letters have a p after them for pacific, like CBSP or ABCP instead of CBS or ABC. What that means is Tivo was really confused and couldn't translate all my saved shows so I had to redo them all! Who knew...

Second interview tomorrow and 2 other new interviews on Wed. Job hunting sucks so please offer me a job!

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