Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Talk about timing..

So, I was walking back from the bathroom a few minutes ago, feeling particularly dumpy - you know, its the end of the day, my outfit is not one of my favorites, my hair is not looking so good - and as I am literally thinking that I can't wait to get home and put on sweatpants because I feel so icky one of the receptionists stops me. This is a different one from the other day, she's kind of new and I've never really talked to her. Well, she stops me and says out of no where and says "You look so cute pregnant! You just have the cutest little round bump!"

Seriously, even though I hear it from Doug all the time, its nice to hear it from a stranger every so often, and her timing could not have been better!

But, I'm still going to put sweatpants on when I get home... ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hey I was thinking about it and I think that to complete the nursery we should get a new flat screen tv. When he's sleeping I can put on an aquarium or something and when he's awake I can watch The Office in HD.

Come on, I want our son to have a sense of wit and sarcasm...what better way than to make him watch reruns of The Office in HD for his first few years?

Stephanie said...

Uh, no.


Screw an aquarium, he can watch that awful fireplace video that we got from mom and dad and have to watch at Christmas time!

Mommy Moreno said...

and youll still be just as cute in the sweats!
thank goodness for comfy clothes right???