Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LA Trip

So we spent last weekend in LA as sort of a last pre-baby trip and it was great! The weather was perfect and we spent most of the time eating - with just a little bit of exploring, shopping, and swimming thrown in the mix. Good thing baby clothes are so small because we found a couple of places with great deals that we HAD to buy. Yep, had to!

So of course we had to try Pink's Hot Dogs and they were... meh. I mean, that was a really long line for a hot dog with Costco grade ingredients slapped on. But it was definately an experience to be had!

We had breakfast at Beachcomber one day - literally right on the beach! So nice and the food was great. It was sort of in a state park though so Doug had to drop me off and park across the highway and take a shuttle back to the restaurant.. weird!

Pinkberry - amazing! I wish I'd had time to go back and try the coffee flavor too!

Sprinkles Cupcakes! So good - although, I think Kara's in SF is better.

Rodeo Drive - just for fun.

Sitting outside a movie theater waiting to see My Best Friend's Girl. It was good!

Oh and of course we also had to have In N Out Burger and Sonic while we were there. Can you tell eating is easier for me then walking a lot nowadays?!

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Alison & Brandyn said...

It was like an EATING vacation!!!!!