Monday, September 15, 2008

The Stay-Puff Marshmellow Stef

AKA The Joys of the 3rd Trimester

So, before I got pregnant I wore I size 7/7.5 shoe. Now, I wear an 8.5/9 shoe. Currently, my feet are so swollen that the size 9 I am wearing today feels like its going to cut off my circulation.

Oh and my previously size 6 fingers are now being strangled by my size 8 fake ring set.

I am also now ordering a size larger in shirts, otherwise the world will get a lovely view of the bottom of my pasty, veiny belly.

And to add insult to injury, my pants have also become a size larger, and now I buy them with the dreaded full belly panel. Seriously, I was in full on denial about this one until I got a pair of hand-me-down pants in a size larger with said ridiculous panel. I was shocked to find that not only did they fit me perfect but the big ugly panel is actually really comfortable. WTF?!

Damn you Cousin T!! You should have kept your pants to yourself!


Doug said...

As long as our little marshmallow is still kicking in there, you can be a size 20 shoe for all I care.

emeraldwednesday said...

awwww at the previous comment. :-)

Just give in to the comfy full-panel pants. they're soooo nice!