Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Double Digits!

Thats right, as of today we only have 99 days to go! I had my 26w appointment today and had to take my glucose test, which was not that bad tasting but brought back fond (yeah right) memories of the 1st trimester and feeling pukey for hours at a time. A little McDonalds for lunch took care of that though!

Also, my doctor measured fundal height today for the first time, which is something like the length from the bottom of your belly to the top of your uterus. Typically the number of cm should equal the number of weeks you are. Well, at 26 weeks I was 29.5 cm! Luckily for us, at this point the measurement isn't super accurate yet so it won't mean a whole lot right now. But, it would seem that Milo is going to be a big boy at this rate!

So, with 99 days to go what have we got done so far?

Well, this past weekend Doug and Tommy painted the room and we got the crib all set up!We ordered our rocker recliner...And, I picked this giant pile of adorable up at Babystyle today. Please to meet the Porter the Puppy chair. He looks a lot like Bella, don't you think?
Silly me picked him up before I ate lunch to he sat across from me in a booth at McDonalds. Thank goodness he was at least wrapped in a clear plastic bag or I would have really looked like I bought the farm! And then I dragged him back to work with me where he sat under my desk and played guard dog all day. He might look like Bella, but I promise you, he is much calmer! ;-)

Cubicle Guard Dog

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