Friday, September 12, 2008

"Sooo, what's up?!"

I just had the cutest conversation with the receptionist at my work. And yes, I'm a terrible person because I can't remember her name right now even though she knows my name with the gazillion people that work here. So lets call her R, for receptionist, shall we?

R: I've been meaning to talk to you! How are you?
S: Good!
R: So, I swore I would never ever ever ask anyone this every again....
S: Ok... (I totally knew where this was going btw, but I thought this game was fun! Ha.)
R: but I always watch you walk back and forth so..... Anything new with you?!
(incidentally, the walking back and forth is the 8 million times per day I go to the bathroom and walk past her desk)
S: Uh, no I don't think so...
R: No new.... additions to the family or anything like that?
S: Oh, well maybe.
R: (confused look)
S: No, I'm kidding, I'm due in December!

She looked so relieved... and then told me how she once asked the most obviously pregnant person ever - very thin with just a big belly - and she said she wasn't pregnant so she didn't want to ask me! So I could have told her outright, but its much more fun to play this game. And she was a very good sport! And it was very nice of her to pretend that she didn't notice that I pee roughly once an hour when I told her that should have been her biggest giveaway.

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Alison & Brandyn said...

That was a cute way of her to approach it!!! (And your reaction so funny!).