Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Years Old

(Obviously the hat went over just as well as last year!)

(Also, the Christmas cake was entirely his idea, and he loved it.  Apparently he doesn't know yet that he's not supposed to like having a birthday near Christmas!)

Height: 3 ft 3.75" (93%)
Weight: 36 lbs 4 oz (88%)

Dear Milo -

I can not believe you are 3 years old already!  I know I will inevitably say this every birthday, but its true.  This year has flown by and you have grown up so much.  There is no doubt that you have developed your own personality for sure at this point.  When you are happy you are so happy, and when you are mad you are very dramatic about it - 2 extremes really.  You are stubborn as can be, but also the most affectionate and loving kid I know! And I definitely think of you as a kid now.  Its like as soon as we came home from the hospital with your baby brother you were suddenly so huge and grown up to us! You also have your own little sense of humor and, typical to little boys, you think farts are the funniest thing, announcing "I farted!" and laughing hysterically when it happens.

You are so much like your Uncle Tommy lately that Grandma even calls you by his name sometimes.  You are extremely picky about food, have a big temper when you get angry, stick out your tongue when you're concentrating, hate getting your hands dirty, and love video grames and bowling! Its uncanny really.

Your favorite foods continue to be chicken fingers, pizza, pancakes/waffles, pb&j, cereal, and apples. In fact thats all it seems like you eat most of the time!

Your favorite people to hang out with are your cousins Matt and John. You guys can be quite the team of destruction and I wonder what life will be like when you are teenagers together!  You also get so excited to see your Grandpa Sorce - just seeing his truck, or one like it, will make you happy!

You love Thomas the Train, hot wheels type cars, and anything and everything Mickey Mouse.  You know how to get to YouTube on the iPad or a phone and pull up classic Mickeys to watch, which always amazes me.  Also you love to play Wii, or most of the time watch someone else play Wii - especially Wii Sports and Rock Band.

We are still working on potty training, which at this point consists of you sitting on the potty before your bath but nothing has come of it yet.  I'm sure you will figure it out in your own time, like you always do, I just hope its sooner rather than later!

Your speech has improved by leaps and bounds over the last year although you are still very stubborn about actually busting out all your language skills and actually using them.  Any word we tell you though you can say and remember.  Its just getting you to use actual sentences that you continue to work on.  You also have started to call other people, besides me and daddy by their names, especially your cousins Matt and John, and your speech therapist Tracy. You call me Mee-ma and Daddy comes out as Dee-dee usually.  Grandma and Grandpa are Nee-ma and Beem-pa, and of course you use Bella's name all the time.  Occasionally you also call Parker by his name, but usually its "Baby," which I'm sure he'll appreciate as he gets older if that doesn't change!

Speaking of Parker, you still don't want to hold him, and won't give him a kiss, but you do talk to him and like to show him the games you are playing on the phone.  My favorite is when you talk about how cute he is.  "Baby SO CUTE!"

Milo, we love you so much and even when we have our moments of you acting out like a toddler (and oh when you do you don't mess around!),  you continue to amaze us and make our lives the best they can be! We can't imagine our lives otherwise!

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