Monday, December 19, 2011

Milo's Pirate Party

For Milo's birthday party this year we did a nice low key kids party at Explore and More - the children's museum here.  You got to pick a theme out of a few choices so we went with pirates since Milo is kind of into them right now and they did a great job of executing it.

They supplied cake so I brought some cupcakes just to make sure we'd have enough for the adults to. (And we did, we had way too much in fact!)

Milo was not into being sung to, which is weird because he really liked it the day before when we sang to him at home on his real birthday.  Afterwards we figured out there was a big pirate decoration near the cake that was scaring him a little.


 And of course the kids had so much fun playing with all the exhibits.  Milo was running everywhere and only came into the party room for cake or a juice break!

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