Thursday, June 21, 2007

San Francisco?

Well, it's official. We are not moving to San Francisco.... yet. Doug decided not to take the job with QG because his boss offered him a 20% raise and top priority to move up into sales. Well, about 4 seconds after that he got a call from his boss saying there was a sales position is San Francisco (fate anyone?) that just opened up and he had an interview. And if for whatever reason that doesn't work out then there is another opening in NYC. So, on Tuesday Doug is going to Chicago to interview for the SF position and then who knows?! The salary for that position kicks the ass of the one at QG also, and you can't argue with that. Hell, the raise they gave him in the mean time kicks ass of that other salary when you consider cost of living. Also, RRD will be paying any moving expenses. Thank god for full service movers!

Today is free Northern Lites Cooler Day at Caribou from 2p-3p and Doug's going to go get me one soon! I have a pretty awesome hubby.

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