Thursday, June 28, 2007

I need a vacation.

My job is literally sucking the life out of me today. I am about ready to explode.
You know what's the worst? When BossMan's drinking buddy gets employed and he is a complete Tool. In fact, call him a Tool is being complementary. And then, when he doesn't hear what he wants, said Tool runs striaght to BossMan (and will lie when it benefits him). It's great. All because Tool is too lazy to call customers. Its not like as a CSR he should have to call them anyway though. I think Tool is going to be the death of this place.

Enough bitterness. I'm just waiting here for some good news about Doug's job situation. Keep your fingers crossed for him.

I think I'm taking off the 2 days after July 4th. Like I said, I need a vacation. Now.

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