Friday, June 29, 2007

Goodbye Sweet Midwest!

Well, it's official... we are moving to San Francisco!!! Doug got the offer today and there are some details to work out on Monday, but its happening! We don't have a timeline yet, but it will definately be sooner then later. I am going to put in our notice with our apartment complex when I get home from work since they need 2 months and I do know it won't even be that long.
More details to follow next week though. At least we will have movers this time!

P.S. - Something very exciting about moving to California (as if that isn't amazing enough) is that I will be able to wear peep toe shoes almost year round! Dana, you understand how great this is, right? Speaking of Dana, a close proximity to our favorite vacay spot - Vegas - can't hurt either! Hmm, I wonder if this calls for a celebratory vacation?! I did just say I needed a vacation, didn't I?

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! I am so excited about San Fran! We are totally visiting...speaking of asap you guys better get here..we're heading to open up the hot spot! One last hurrah at Chino Latino??

PS you better learn all the Bay area lingo aka gettin HI-FEEE aka ghost ride the whip.