Friday, October 31, 2008

Way to kill my morning, Tully's.

So I just went to Tully's for a Cappuccino Chocolate Chip muffin and decided to get a hot apple cider, since its Halloween, and really even they can't screw that up. (I admit it, I hate Tully's - they just happen to be inside my work building.) Well so much for not screwing that up - this drink is so hot that I'm pretty sure she actually gave me molten lava. I waited until I got back upstairs to even try it and burned the crap out of my mouth. Oh and I'm pretty sure this apple "cider" is actually apple juice.

Oh yeah, and since when do they rip off Starbucks sizes (Tall, Grande, blah blah blah)? This girl looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for a small, but this is the first crappy coffee place I've been to that has ganked SB sizes. I KNOW what a tall is, I just didn't want you to feel bad for not being Starbucks and call it that! Little did I know!

The moral of the story I guess is don't mess with a pregnant woman who is in a lot of pain and needs a nap. And for the record, anyone who says they like Tully's better then Starbucks is a lying liar.

There. It felt good to get all that out!

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Dana said...

Umm wtf is Tully's? It sure doesn't sound like Caribou!