Friday, October 17, 2008

Forget baby bibs, I need my own.

Yeah, its pretty much a rare day when I can get through all 3 meals without spilling stuff all down my shirt. Granted, I've always had a slight problem with this, but it really isn't my fault any more. With the belly sticking so far out by itself, and then it causing me to not be able to lean over my plate as much as I need to I'm screwed when I eat pretty much anything.

Today I am wearing a white shirt under a light gray zip up hoodie. Of course, we are halfway through lunch at the Thai place when Doug points to my shirt - pad thai juice all over me! Now, I'm thinking, oh well thats ok I can take off the sweatshirt and I'll be fine. Nope! The shirt under the sweatshirt is already stained.


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