Saturday, October 18, 2008

A less exciting first...

Today was our first real trip to labor and delivery.

So, I finally called the on-call doctor today because I was afraid I was leaking fluid. Without going into details, it had been happening since yesterday straight, was different then anything I had experienced yet, and didn't go away over night. Of course the doctor sends us to triage so we can get everything all checked out.

We head out at about 1, right as we were about to eat lunch, and finally get to the hospital at about 1:30, thanks to some totally random Saturday traffic. We get up to triage and they strap the monitors to my belly and we wait... and wait and wait for the doctor to make it in. Once she finally got there she did a (most uncomfortable) exam and then came back and said there was no fluid, I was fine. BUT, when we first got there the baby's heartbeat had a couple dips in it so she wanted to send me for an ultrasound to make sure the fluid wasn't too low. So we wait another few decades for ultrasound to come and get me.

Finally they manage to make it down a floor to us and wheel me on the bed over to ultrasound. A little dramatic, don't you think?! Oh yeah, and I'm still only wearing that lovely nearly see through blanket to cover me from the waist down for this ride.

Long story short, more waiting, a normal ultrasound, followed by more waiting, and we were finally able to go home. So yeah, nearly 4 hours later and everything is fine.

Its 5 when we can finally leave, I hadn't eaten since I had a couple freezer waffles for breakfast and Doug hadn't eaten at all, so he runs down to the cafe while I'm getting dressed and waiting for the discharge form. We walk out of the hospital drinking oj and eating a giant bag of gummy bears and a bag of cheetos. We were that hungry.

So what did we learn today? Lets try to keep emergancies to office hours, and if you have to go to L&D then please EAT SOMETHING FIRST! Trust me on this one!

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