Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It might be a Starbucks day...

So a little background... we got a letter from the apt complex yesterday saying that from Wed-Fri this week they would be testing fire alarms from 10a-4p.  Ok, I'm not happy about it because its like the 4th time, but whatev.

So last night at 1am the fire alarms go off.  And these are no ordinary alarms... I'm convinced that they are built to make your ears bleed!  So we decide to wait it out to see if fire trucks come due to said testing the next day, thinking it could be a fluke.  Well the fire trucks came so we hauled it outside to wait for them to figure out why they went off (which had nothing to do with fire, incidentally.)  A half hour later the trucks leave so we go back to bed. 

Now, just as I am finally falling back to sleep the alarm goes off again for about 10 or 15 seconds... and this continued happening aver minute or 2 for the next half hour at least.

That's why it might be a Starbuck's day.

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