Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012 - Photo Style!

This Christmas was my favorite yet as this is the year Milo really got ALL of it - the gifts and Santa and everything.  It was so fun!

My boys modeling their Christmas outfits.

All dressed up for Christmas Eve's Ugly Sweater Contest

You have never seen a kid so excited for Santa before! He jumped up and ran when he heard that Santa just walked in the door and then kept jumping out of his chair ready to go up there.  Waiting for Santa to call his name was like torture. It was so cute and really my favorite moment of Christmas this year probably!

 Giving Santa the picture he colored for him.

Telling Santa what a good boy he was this year.

 Daddy and Uncle Tommy both got special gifts from Santa this year...

Two tired candy canes ready to go to sleep and wait for Santa.

Santa came!

(that envelope on the tree is the picture of the playground we got them for Christmas that they will probably forget about and be shocked come spring!)

Heading downstairs Christmas morning

Milo made us this ornament at school and it was all wrapped up so we could open it on Christmas.

Modeling their special Santa gifts from Christmas Eve the next day - official Dunder Mifflin "World's Best Boss" mugs since they both got promoted into management this year!

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