Friday, June 22, 2012


Our last couple weeks - Instagram style!

Serious watermelon lover!

"Take a pic-chur my neckwaces!"

iPad kidproofed - and kinda cute to boot.

They were driving to the store to buy diapers. Art imitating life, people.

Yeah I JUST MADE IT to the gas station. But in my defense, it only said 14 miles when the gas light came on, which seems like a pretty small window to me!

Matchy matchers matching.

Happy new Tula Pink wallpaper.

I mean, I COULD pick up the block and put it in my mouth, but this is totally easier.

life rearranged

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Potty Training (Or lack thereof)

I found the fool proof method of potty training! Just pretty much leave your kid alone until he does it himself!  You're welcome folks.

We finally started putting him in underwear a few weeks ago when we were at the house. Previous to this, for like A YEAR, he would sit on the potty at bath time or before bed or whatever but he NEVER WENT. Seriously. NEVER. So we get him in undies and he holds it for hours and hours until he gets back in a diaper for bed or twice he just peed himself and seemed a little surprised about it.

Then one day he came up to me while I was feeding Parker and said "Milo go pee pee in potty?" So I said ok, he went and did it himself told me he peed after and really I was like "Yeah right ok" and didn't really believe him. But sure enough I go in there later and there is pee in the potty. And its been smooth sailing ever since.

He is still wearing a pull up at night but other then that its good.  We haven't quite perfected the whole pooping thing fully yet, but its only been a couple weeks and the diapers are gone and I'm $40 a month richer!

So I guess its not FOOL PROOF but really, once we waited for him to be ready, late as it was, its been easy. I'm calling it a win here, folks!

Oh and, this is what he looks like every time.  Like he watches to make sure it gets in the toilet or something - hilarious!

7 Months Old!

Dear Parker -

You turned 7 months old this week and I hardly know what to say because time has been flying by at warp speed and you continue to be just a cool little dude through everything.

You love food nowadays and are eating everything it seems like! You've eat pretty much all the meat, veggie, and fruit baby food (minus a few acidic fruits that we are going to wait a couple more months on probably), yogurt, puffs, mum mums, freeze dried fruit crisps, and yogurt bites. You've even had some raw veggies (mostly just sucking and gumming) and a few breadsticks at restaurants too.  You are a total pig and between having two kids around instead of one and Daddy working alot I just could not keep up with homemade baby food this time around and pretty much threw in the towel.  Sorry - I tried!
You aren't crawling yet but you do get yourself into position now and you lunge at things that you wish you could pull yourself up on.  You are a strong little dude and when you are wiggling it definitely takes 2 hands to hold you. You are getting better with your pincer grasp too and have no problem shoveling small pieces of food, or whatever you can get your hands on, into your mouth.

What else is there to say? You love playing with your brother and you guys love to play a game where you both just scream.  Milo is very into pretending lately so with him you drive to the store, make food, or whatever else he comes up with.  You two are still getting along great and Milo gets disappointed sometimes when he can't play with you because you are napping!

And about sleep, right now you take 2 (usually short) naps in your crib and sometime will nod off for a third catnap before dinner if the second nap was too early.  Nighttime is better then it was, and we get some really long stretches but on average you sleep about 5 hours at a time.  It is much easier to put you in your crib though - usually you will go back to sleep if you start to wake up.

I guess what I'm saying is everything is going great.  You're such a big boy it feels like the newborn days were such a long time ago.  But we love it, and you, and I know it won't be long before we really have to childproof, more then we ever did with your brother because you are just so curious!

Father's Day 2012

We did our usual on Father's Day this year - Doug played golf with my Dad, brother, uncle, and a couple cousins.  Then we all got together for steaks on the grill. Simple.

They're rad like dad. And less then thrilled about pictures.

Buncha dads, and an uncle.

Showing off their golf gear. I made them Team Sorce shirts again (mustache themed this year) and my mom upped the ante with plaid shorts.  Boom. Coordinated outfits def make up for being a little tired by the back nine, AM I RIGHT?
 Milo was so excited for his Uncle Tommy (also known as "Runca Commy") to be in town for the weekend.  The highlight for him? Bowling with Uncle Tommy! (Tommy is a pro bowler, so its not quite as random as it sounds.) Its all he talked about for days before and after.

And they got in a few other dude games for good measure, obviously. For both these games every time the puck went into either goal Milo shouted "I won!" So, clearly he gets his sports knowledge from me.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Name that Tune: Milo Edition!

It took me a little while to figure out what he was singing during "naptime" (HA. HAHA) but I think its pretty obvious here! This song is all over the tv and radio and the cd was on pretty heavy rotation in my car when I first got it. Actually, it still is now that I know he loves it so much!

Here's a link to the song, in case you live under a rock. And don't worry, those "na na na nas" come in towards the end, and milo is pretty darn spot on with those!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Our week in photos - Instagram style...

Vintage Uncle Tommy short shorts. They show a lot of leg but they are adorable!

Lobster on Memorial Day weekend? Yes please.

Iced coffee just tastes better in a mason jar with a cool lid!

Major gardening going on last weekend.  Which meant I stayed out of the way and left it to Doug and his mom. I just can't get into that kind of thing.

As if lobster wasn't enough for the holiday weekend? Garbage Can Turkey on Memorial Day. Its amazing and thats all I can say about that.

Milo's new "big smile" face and Parker all in a big kid seat.  What?!

life rearranged