Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day 2012

We did our usual on Father's Day this year - Doug played golf with my Dad, brother, uncle, and a couple cousins.  Then we all got together for steaks on the grill. Simple.

They're rad like dad. And less then thrilled about pictures.

Buncha dads, and an uncle.

Showing off their golf gear. I made them Team Sorce shirts again (mustache themed this year) and my mom upped the ante with plaid shorts.  Boom. Coordinated outfits def make up for being a little tired by the back nine, AM I RIGHT?
 Milo was so excited for his Uncle Tommy (also known as "Runca Commy") to be in town for the weekend.  The highlight for him? Bowling with Uncle Tommy! (Tommy is a pro bowler, so its not quite as random as it sounds.) Its all he talked about for days before and after.

And they got in a few other dude games for good measure, obviously. For both these games every time the puck went into either goal Milo shouted "I won!" So, clearly he gets his sports knowledge from me.

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