Thursday, June 21, 2012

Potty Training (Or lack thereof)

I found the fool proof method of potty training! Just pretty much leave your kid alone until he does it himself!  You're welcome folks.

We finally started putting him in underwear a few weeks ago when we were at the house. Previous to this, for like A YEAR, he would sit on the potty at bath time or before bed or whatever but he NEVER WENT. Seriously. NEVER. So we get him in undies and he holds it for hours and hours until he gets back in a diaper for bed or twice he just peed himself and seemed a little surprised about it.

Then one day he came up to me while I was feeding Parker and said "Milo go pee pee in potty?" So I said ok, he went and did it himself told me he peed after and really I was like "Yeah right ok" and didn't really believe him. But sure enough I go in there later and there is pee in the potty. And its been smooth sailing ever since.

He is still wearing a pull up at night but other then that its good.  We haven't quite perfected the whole pooping thing fully yet, but its only been a couple weeks and the diapers are gone and I'm $40 a month richer!

So I guess its not FOOL PROOF but really, once we waited for him to be ready, late as it was, its been easy. I'm calling it a win here, folks!

Oh and, this is what he looks like every time.  Like he watches to make sure it gets in the toilet or something - hilarious!

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