Thursday, May 24, 2012


Our week.. Instagram style!

Little butts in undies are adorable. Until there's pee on your white rug.

Play Doh is the bane of my existence.

A vintage Uncle Tommy polo - McDonalds brand. (Seriously.)

Milo hopped on into the pack n play to play with his brother.

Matchy matchers and more vintage Uncle Tommy - short shorts style!

Fixing all the things together.

"Smiling" because the flowers and tomatoes he planted with Grandma are starting to come up!

life rearranged

Saturday, May 19, 2012

6 Months Old!

Height: 26.5 inches
Weight: 17 pounds

Dear Parker,

Halfway to toddlerhood already?!  How is this even happening?

You are such a fun, chill dude still that it is unbelievable.  You just roll with the punches and almost never cry. I was just telling your Dad that if you were sleeping good too I'd probably be ready for another baby because you are such an easy going guy! But the sleep! We are working on a little sleep training just the past couple days and its getting better.  Last night we had a 5 hour stretch so we are getting there! You sleep in your crib at night but you take your best nap in our bed during the day.  (And many days you are so cute and I'm so tired that I can't help but crawl into bed with you!

You are a strong guy and sit up like a champ now.  You are even trying to get your butt in the air and I like you want to crawl!  We had to move you to your big boy convertible car seat just today because you are just too heavy to carry in the infant seat, even if you did still like it. You put everything in your mouth now, and now that you can get your feet in there you are never without something to suck on - you definitely have at least one tooth on its way it soon.

You eat anything we give you, meats and green veggies still being your favorite, and peaches are your favorite fruit.  ou have also tried Baby Mum Mums this month and you LOVE those and have no problem getting them right in your mouth!  Right now you are eating 3 meals a day, usually equal to 1/2 to 1.5 jars each meal.

Your big brother is definitely your favorite person now! He always wants to play with you and you just love it! You are all smiles whenever you see him. I think you guys are going to be great buddies and team up and me and Dad as you get older for sure! We all love you so much, our happy and silly little man!

Mother's Day 2012

Better late then never?

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a picture with my boys on Mother's Day, but I did get a pic of my first handmade gift from Milo.  He made it at his drop off playgroup - painting the planter all by himself and even helping his teacher plant the flower! The flower has now been transplanted outside (so I don't kill it) and the planter is on my sewing table holding all my scissors and what not.  I love it! (I also love the big fat spa gift certificate I got from my boys ALOT. OBVIOUSLY.)

My card. Funny story about this card.  It actually came to me in the mail from the boys - Doug made it using the iCard app on his phone. But, you ask, why didn't he just go to the store and buy one? Because although Doug always remembers to buy a card he then forgets where he put it and when its time to give it to me its gone. So no card. And then I find this blank card some place really random weeks or MONTHS later.  And this has happened multiple times - its downright comical at this point. So he tried this, since with postage its the same price or cheaper as a store card, AND THE CARD MADE IT TO ME! Success!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Here's what we've been up to the past couple weeks - Instagram style!

Cool guys don't need sun to wear their shades.

Party time!

So what if he's way too tall for this train - he had to take it around the block!

Real deal sitter up in here.

Low cal snack!

Brother's being all kinds of adorable!

 New book - because, obviously.

Piano man.

First bath together - they loved it!

 Parker's first baseball game - Bisons style.

Doug works on Friday nights now.  Wine in a plastic cup and a mountain of laundry is how I roll!

Tired much?

Go eat this stuff.  So good!

Dudes working hard.

Amazon clearly has someone watching us if they recommended this. Hi Big Brother!

life rearranged

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mr. Smarty Pants

A little while ago Milo surprised us by randomly busting out "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." The thing is, he used to not be interested in singing so it wasn't something we did with him, so he certainly didn't pick it up from me. Turns out they sing in playgroup and he learned it there.  Its adorable and I finally got the video evidence!

And then yesterday Milo sat down and just started writing his name. Now we write his letters all the time and write and spell his name but he hasn't ever been able to write his letters on his own. But then yesterday he showed he could write his letters and spell his name, with nothing to copy and no one spelling it for him.  He just retained it - such a smartie! I don't care what anyone says, thats mighty impressive for a 3 year old if you ask me!

So, I guess to sum it up... my kid is probably smarter then yours. Or at least thats what I think!