Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Better late then never?

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a picture with my boys on Mother's Day, but I did get a pic of my first handmade gift from Milo.  He made it at his drop off playgroup - painting the planter all by himself and even helping his teacher plant the flower! The flower has now been transplanted outside (so I don't kill it) and the planter is on my sewing table holding all my scissors and what not.  I love it! (I also love the big fat spa gift certificate I got from my boys ALOT. OBVIOUSLY.)

My card. Funny story about this card.  It actually came to me in the mail from the boys - Doug made it using the iCard app on his phone. But, you ask, why didn't he just go to the store and buy one? Because although Doug always remembers to buy a card he then forgets where he put it and when its time to give it to me its gone. So no card. And then I find this blank card some place really random weeks or MONTHS later.  And this has happened multiple times - its downright comical at this point. So he tried this, since with postage its the same price or cheaper as a store card, AND THE CARD MADE IT TO ME! Success!

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