Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

We EASTERED IT UP this year.  Photographic proof:

Dying eggs even though mom accidentally bought the kit with only 3 colors.

Loot, complete with last minute Hungry Hungry Hippos addition because Milo is obsessed with the "Gulpy Gulpy Gators" episode of Doc McStuffins.

"Take a picture dis egg Mommy." Ok, will do.

Less fun loot for the little guy.

Dog in bunny ears.  Obviously.

So what if he's too little for puffs still, doesn't mean he has to let go of the container!

Banana in new mesh teether.  Kid was in love.

 Cool guys wear sunglasses like Mommy.

 Egg hunting like a boss.

Cute and drama free for the big bunny this year.

A family picture.  Finally!

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