Friday, April 20, 2012

5 Months Old

Dear Parker,

This week you turned 5 months old and you are getting to be quite the big boy!  For starters, you had your first solids this past month.  So far you have eaten rice cereal, bananas, avocado, apples, green beans, pears, peas, sweet potato, butternut squash, and mangos.  You seem to prefer veggies at this point (what?) but you will eat any of it just the same.

You have also rolled over, in both directions, this month.  You are really lazy about it though and seem to reserve using that skill for special occasions.  Which is not to say that you aren't active though because, oh boy, YOU ARE. If set on the floor you will scooch right away in seconds and even when someone is holding you you're moving your legs and squirmy as can be. We all think you'll be crawling sooner rather then later! You are also working on your sitting skills, sometimes being able to balance for a minute if you use your hands to hold up on the floor.

Nothing is safe within your reach anymore either.  If someone is holding something or it has been set by you, you have your hands all over it.  Food, paper, dishes, toys, it doesn't matter, you want to grab it all.

You are still a very chill and all around happy dude.  But, sometime in the last month? Or two? you stopped sleeping long stretches and went back to getting up every couple hours.  We've been running through all the tricks and in the last couple days you've gotten to at least one 4 hour stretch so I don't know if we've got the right tricks now or that was just a phase but I think this will turn around soon.  (Thank goodness, because mama and daddy are TIRED!)

You also discovered Bella this month and love to pet and touch her and are always watching what your brother is doing when he is around. You seem to love them both alot!

We love you, our little laid back dude!

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