Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Look what I can do!

Holy crap I made a quilt - like from start to finish.  The first thing larger then a table runner that I have finished in fact so far.  And I seriously thought it would never get done!  I started it in June for my brother's birthday at the end of July.  I finished it at the end of September.  BETTER LATE THEN NEVER, TOMMY.

Its 60" x 72" and definitely a "don't look too close" kind of a thing, since it was my first thing so big.... and it was even larger then I was prepared for.  But, being a non-crafty guy, brother won't care or probably even notice the mistakes.  The quilting is in the long black areas with white thread, vertical lines roughly 1/4" apart.  In hindsight I probably should not have chosen such a contrasting color since you can see every imperfection, but it does look very cool.  I love it though, for all its time consuming-ness and issues since it is my first finished real quilt.

Pattern is Balanced Connections from here.  And those Atari and Pac Man prints by Timeless Treasures?  Awesome.

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