Monday, October 24, 2011

Feeding the Goats

Miracle of miracles, my kid got close enough to some goats this weekend to feed them.  And he couldn't get enough of it!  The thing is, he loves dogs, but he isn't a fan of animals much bigger then dogs.  Like when we saw big horses and cows and what not at the fair? Not. A. Fan. At all.

So it took some persuading to get him into the petting area of this garden center place we were at this weekend.  (And obviously by persuading I mean bribing him with popcorn.)  But once he got in there and saw that the goats were about the same size as Bella it was on!  We spent every quarter we could find feeding those goats and had to drag him out of the place.

Now the baby cow that was there? He would not pet that guy for anything.  He did get about 2-3 feet away from him, but if the cow came forward he stepped back.  Hey, progress is progress, even if just a little.

I found some more quarters in my car though so we may have to go back and feed the goats again this week I think!

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The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

awwwwww what a sweet post! when my kids were younger we use to feed the goats and EVERYTHING else!!!! they LOVED IT!!!! their first time they actually fed them and let the farmer show them how to milk the goats. we then sampled the goat cheese and have been hooked ever since : ) i love seeing children love animals -- it is great for both of them : ) thanks for sharing your smile with us! : )