Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

On Saturday we went to visit Doug's dad and take a ride out on his boat.  This pretty much sums up how Milo felt about the whole experience.

Until he fell asleep and there was no more whining to be heard.

On Father's Day Doug, my brother, and my Dad played golf with my uncle and his 2 sons.  Its an annual tradition and this was Doug's first year being here to participate.  Obviously I had to make my guys shirts for the event.

So even if they sucked they would still look good!

"I don't care what day it is, you can't make me pose for a picture!"

Afterwards we all had a cook out and Milo stayed up way too late playing with his cousins.  He had so much fun though so it was totally worth it!  Also, did you know horseshoe pits can double as a sandbox?

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